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forging elite players

Reach your best performance with us!


GSET is a tennis consulting and training company, that specializes in developing young players, reaching for excellency through science-based techniques and methods. GSET was founded by engineers that are tennis professionals as well, ranked on ATP as players and coaches.

GSET has the necessary expertise in all areas related to athletes' training. GSET is ready to offer diagnoses and solutions every step of the way to form a high-performance athlete. Paulo César Pimentel, engineer since 1990, a specialist in sports biomechanics in tennis for more than fourteen years, sports consultant, coaching players who became professionals or college students with tennis scholarships in the United States. Gabriel Pimentel is a former professional tennis player ranked on ATP, who studied engineering for two years and graduated in physical education, coached players that became college students with tennis scholarships in the United States, and personal trainer.


The combination of experience and knowledge allows a global view of the athlete and their needs. With the proper analysis, GSET will diagnose and prescript the best training plans.


In sports like the Olympic Gymnastics, science has been applied to its development. In tennis, coaches are still following what the top-ranked players are doing, independent of the mathematical and physical coherence.​


GSET is available to full fill this gap. Its methodology was designed by engineers acting in court, testing it daily, and processing its results analytically.

Improve your tennis. Join this new world of knowledge and a science-based methodology for your best results.





Gabriel Pimentel is a former professional tennis player ranked on ATP, who studied engineering...

Paulo César Pimentel is an engineer since 1990, a specialist in sports biomechanics in tennis, sports consultant, coaching players...




With the philosophy that each child is unique, Coach Gabriel has developed a scientific approach to tailoring trainings for each student. He has an impeccable work ethic and leads by example by being prepared, prompt and positive, which makes him a perfect role model for young children (especially boys). Since taking lessons with Coach Gabriel, my children’s tennis game has progressed significantly. The connection between Coach Gabriel and my children is so strong that my children regard him as part of their life and a major motivation for becoming a better tennis player.


My best tennis experience I've ever had! GSET has a totally innovative way of explaining tennis based on physical and biomechanical concepts! Today I am a first class tennis player because I had my tennis completely changed by GSET when I was 15/16 years old! I recommend this gym to everyone who really wants to learn quality tennis!


I started at GSET when I was 10. I can easily say that GSET played a major role in my formation as a man. I learned not only the techniques I needed to play in a high level, but also Paulo and Gabriel taught me how to apply what I learned outside the court. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to play for them and highly recommend it if you want to succeed. Cheers


My 9 yr old daughter has been taking weekly private lessons for one month with Coach Gabriel and already we can see a noticeable difference in her form and confidence on the court! We can’t recommend GSET enough!


My son has learned with the instructor since half year. We can see his manifest improves. My son now has obtained right technique of forehand and backhand in tennis. He follows training with Gabriel everyday and has gotten right muscle memories. Thence he uses the right techniques during weekend tournaments and got more and more winnings. We appreciate of the professional and very knowledgeable instructor’s helps. His professional and serious working attitudes make us to trust him. Also, he and his team care all of his players and make plans to every player. Thanks for his efforts!


What differentiates GSET's method from others is that training with coach Gabriel goes much beyond the court, it is an educational experience that helps the athlete in several aspects of life, be it academic or social. In the end, if you are looking to be the best, you have to train with the best!

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