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A young couple approached me in search of tennis lessons for their 7-year-old son, who was a complete novice to the sport. Embracing the challenge, I found joy in guiding a beginner, knowing that building a player from the ground up is more straightforward than correcting mistakes ingrained by previous coaches.

The process unfolded gradually, with meticulous attention to every detail – from the grip and foot positioning to movement patterns and the development of psychomotor skills. Despite skepticism from some coaches observing his progress, I remained steadfast in my belief that establishing a solid foundation is paramount for an athlete's career, all within a nurturing and enjoyable environment. Unfortunately, the continuity of our work was abruptly interrupted by the pandemic, leading me to return to my home country for an extended three-year period.

Upon my return, reconnecting with the parents of the aspiring athlete, Smyan Thuta, revealed a desire to resume our previous efforts. However, a significant hurdle emerged – Smyan had sustained an injury and developed detrimental biomechanical patterns affecting both his game and body. Although he exhibited remarkable talent against older and stronger opponents, his body couldn't withstand the pain from poor biomechanical adaptations.

I proposed to Smyan and his parents a return to basics, focusing on restructuring his game, starting from his technique. Reverting to fundamental aspects such as grip, foot position, and swing, we embarked on a journey of relearning basic movements and shot selection. Over a year and a half, we diligently worked on basic patterns, and the results began to appear.

Smyan now holds the impressive position of #1 player in his age group in the USA, having won National level titles. Also, Smyan received an invitation to participate in the esteemed international junior tournament, the Orange Bowl.

While acknowledging the challenging path ahead, we find cheer in the journey's pleasures. The road to our ultimate destination is arduous, but we remain dedicated to giving our best effort and await the unfolding of our future endeavors.

A heartfelt thank you goes to Smyan's parents for entrusting us with the care and development of their most precious possession – their son.

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