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The use of engineering in different areas of tennis allows GSET to do a “precise diagnosis of the actual athletes’ condition” in a concise period. From the identification of existing problems, GSET implements solutions based on techniques created with the use of applied math and physics tools. The comparison of before and after done in the reports will leave no room for doubts concerning the efficiency of the methodology. That is how sports engineering works, diagnosing problems and presenting science-based solutions.



          GSET will make this diagnosis of different aspects that compose the needs of an athlete with images, videos, tests, etc. The staff will make the analysis, case by case, and will present the suggested solution individually. GSET can make a full report if contracted, and all this information will serve for a future comparison or any other additional suggestions needed.

          High-performance athlete´s development is based on the following pillars: physical preparation, fundamentals or techniques, tactics, strategies, emotional behavior, cognition, volition, and nutrition. GSET offers services and consulting in all these areas.

gset alfa branco.png
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